East Coast Constructions 34th Birthday !!

On the 1st of July 2021 East Coast celebrated its 34th Birthday, please continue reading if you are interested to know the history of ECCS.

East Coast Construction Services or as its known ECCS was originated in 1987 by William Connolly. William spent the majority of his working life within the gas sector prior to the opening of the company. The decision was made very quickly by William to start his own adventure as a company owner supplying and laying water gas and sewage polyethene pipes throughout Britain. It wasn’t long before the company grew and started employing staff some who are still here today. After a few years of laying pipes, the company came to realise there was a space in the market, therefore an opportunity to begin fabricating fittings required on any project that involved laying mains within the utility sector. This again increased our staffing levels and boosted our reputation and popularity within the utility sector. ECCS Ltd is one of the only Polyethene fabricators in Scotland that carries out a vast range of standard and specialised fabrications here in our yard.

Mr Connolly has semi-retired and now works closely with Kevin McNeil who is running the company on a daily basis and has done for the last 10 years.

East Coast looks forward to celebrating the many more birthdays to come.