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East Coast Construction is now back open after the two week Christmas and New Year holidays we hope everyone enjoyed their time off over the last two weeks.
We are looking forward to the new year and have started the month of January off great as we are already extremely busy with Fabrication orders and also a large amount of PE pipe that we will be recycling over the coming months.

Please contact 01501 733335 or visit our homepage where you will find all of our email addresses for any enquiries or sales visits.

We wish the best to everyone in 2022!!

September 2021

The month of September has been a good month for construction projects here at ECCS, we have started and completed many new and on-going projects as you will see below.

Throughout September we have been continuing to work on one of our busiest construction projects which is Glasgow Airport, at the moment we are testing and chlorinating all of our pipework as we are coming closer to the completion of the project.

Another few projects we have been working on this month are Gartcosh Ind Est, Pinewood P.S and also Dean Park Hotel in Kirkcaldy.

At the beginning of the month our sales man Terry took a trip to Preston and Carlisle to visit some customers if you would like to set up a meeting with Terry please call 01501 733335 and we will be happy to get something arranged.

August 2021

During the month of August we continued to work on one of our busiest construction sites of the month which is Glasgow Airport we are installing and supplying the external mains for the main contractor and we have been working on this site for around two months now and expect this to be completed by the end of September.
We have also started some new projects this month such as Cross house primary school, London Road Edinburgh and also 4/5 Lochside Edinburgh laying and installing the external mains.

Our fittings department has also been busy during the month of August which carried on from a great month for fittings in July, some of our most popular products this month included our mitred bends, pupped and long spigot stubs , pupped tees and pupped reducing tees, if you have any enquiries please call the office on 01501 733335 or email

East Coast Constructions 34th Birthday !!

On the 1st of July 2021 East Coast celebrated its 34th Birthday, please continue reading if you are interested to know the history of ECCS.

East Coast Construction Services or as its known ECCS was originated in 1987 by William Connolly. William spent the majority of his working life within the gas sector prior to the opening of the company. The decision was made very quickly by William to start his own adventure as a company owner supplying and laying water gas and sewage polyethene pipes throughout Britain. It wasn’t long before the company grew and started employing staff some who are still here today. After a few years of laying pipes, the company came to realise there was a space in the market, therefore an opportunity to begin fabricating fittings required on any project that involved laying mains within the utility sector. This again increased our staffing levels and boosted our reputation and popularity within the utility sector. ECCS Ltd is one of the only Polyethene fabricators in Scotland that carries out a vast range of standard and specialised fabrications here in our yard.

Mr Connolly has semi-retired and now works closely with Kevin McNeil who is running the company on a daily basis and has done for the last 10 years.

East Coast looks forward to celebrating the many more birthdays to come.

May/June 2021

The months of both May and June was extremely busy for ECCS we had a good month full of fittings orders and also our teams were kept busy on multiple sites completing external water, fire and gas main works.

The past three months the recycling part of our company has became busier than usual and we have been collecting scrap near enough every week or sometimes company will drop the scrap into our yard if you are interested in our recycling and would like more information there is a section in our latest news giving all details about what we do.

Our sales man Terry was able to get back out on the road from the beginning of may making his way around our customers to introduce himself in person if you are interested in working with or buying from ECCS you can contact our office on 01501 733335 and we can discuss getting a meeting set up.

March 2021 Update

The month of March has been a good month for construction jobs here at ECCS , we have started and completed many new jobs as you will see below.

At the start of March we worked alongside Hadden with completing the supply and lay of a 32mm service for a project called Mains Farm North Berwick , we also completed Larkfield Early Years working alongside Arc Tech supplying and laying the gas main , another project we completed was Queen Margaret Hospital supplying and laying the gas main alongside Taylor+Frazer.

In the past two weeks we have started working on Langhaugh Care home working alongside CTS supplying and laying both the water and gas mains , we have also started Port Of Leith Distillery supplying and laying the gas main working alongside WMQ, these two projects are still ongoing.

We also done very well with orders in our fittings department tis month so all round this has been a great month.

New Appointment !

In November we welcomed Terry Sweeney to the business as our Head of Sales.  Terry joins us after spending over 20 years in the facilities sector and has had many of the major utilities companies as clients giving him a real understanding of our business and our customers needs.  Terry has a real positive outlook and understands that our customers are our priority, we welcome him into our East Coast family.

Recycling Update 2021

As some people may know East Coast have collected and recycled scrap PE pipe for 10 years now , we come to the site and take away all scrap pipe free of cost and if you deliver to us and as long as the pipe is not damaged we will pay you £50 per ton.

If interested or if you would like some extra information on this service please call the office on 01501 733335 and someone will be happy to help.

February 2021

During the month of February in Scotland we had our fair share of bad weather including lots of snow but that did not stop our projects going ahead.

We are currently working alongside SPIE on the Dreghorn Barracks site, on which we are supplying and laying the water main. This is currently still an ongoing project.

Also in the month of February we completed a number of projects that still had some works to be done which are now all successfully completed.

We are looking forward to March with a great deal of new projects waiting to begin.