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February 2021

During the month of February in Scotland we had our fair share of bad weather including lots of snow but that did not stop our projects going ahead.

We are currently working alongside SPIE on the Dreghorn Barracks site, on which we are supplying and laying the water main. This is currently still an ongoing project.

Also in the month of February we completed a number of projects that still had some works to be done which are now all successfully completed.

We are looking forward to March with a great deal of new projects waiting to begin.

October 2020 Update

At the beginning of October we completed the Queens Quay Project in Glasgow and also completed a number of the Nursery’s we are currently working on with now only a few more to complete.

We are currently working on Fife Early Years Nursery , Longforgan P.S and also Murryfield is still ongoing.